Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to my site! I want to start off by saying thank you for clicking on this site. The more traffic I get, there better. That is because I have a message that I want to share with the world.

For too long golf has been a game dominated by men. Accessories, clubs, businesses outings, all have been catered towards the enjoyment of men. Well, whilst I don’t see a problem with men enjoying the game, I want to change their domination of it. Golf is a great game that can be equally enjoyed by women.

It can be overwhelming when you start playing golf having never played it before, and also the fact that we are essentially playing in a mans world. That’s why this website has been designed as a resource to assist women the break into the golfing world and show that they too can be a great player.

I will continue to post regular updates of my game play. I will also post tips on how you too can improve your game play, and essential golfing accessories that I believe you will need to succeed at the game.

Golf is a game unlike others. In my opinion, it does not come down to natural ability. I mean, yes, this can help you to do well in the beginning. But it is also a game that can be learned much like a language can. Learning to predict the way the ball will go, hazards that can prevent you from hitting a hole in one, and the way that a particular club can affect the distance of the ball.

Come on, get excited and join me in spreading the word. I hope to start a big gathering of followers so that the world can know how much I love golf, and hopefully how much you love it too!